Community business: The power on your doorstep

This is a story about how communities can use the power of business to make life better for everyone, and how Power to Change supports them.

Told by: Power to Change

Communities create a sense of belonging.

They bring strength and stability to local places.

But across the country, communities face challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.

There are huge inequalities between the best and worst off in society.

And we’re losing our community spaces – shops, pubs, village halls and post offices.

No wonder almost half of us say we feel lonely.

It doesn't have to be this way.

A brighter future is possible.

There’s a growing movement of communities taking back control of their local areas through business.

They’re buying the last pub in the village

Running their local football club

Saving their public halls and local libraries.

There are 11,000 community businesses in England, concentrated in our most deprived neighbourhoods.

Power to Change helps communities use business to unleash their greatest assets...

People and buildings.

We champion community business

We provide support where it’s needed most

We have invested £86 million into community businesses in our first five years. Two-thirds of this money and support went into the 30% most deprived areas

Putting thousands of assets back into community hands

There are now over 6,300 community-owned assets across England

Making communities powerful

Since we started in 2015, the number of community businesses has doubled from 5,500 to 11,000

Our support helps community businesses…

Revitalise community assets, from parks to libraries to leisure centres.

We are one of the few organisations that fund capital projects, supporting the vital assets that underpin community development and regeneration.

Generate new revenue

We help communities make money. Participants in our Trade Up programme generated £13,584 more in trading income than a control group.

Invest in people

Our support enabled community businesses to create voluntary opportunities and jobs for local people. Many of the people employed in community businesses may otherwise be excluded from the jobs market, or face challenges with their physical or mental health.

This helps community businesses…

01 Bring communities together
02 Create good jobs
03 Combat social isolation
04 Build stronger local economies

This helps community businesses…

bring communities together

create good jobs for people furthest from the job market

combat social isolation

build stronger local economies

It’s time to unleash the power on our doorsteps

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