Build stronger local economies


Community business gives more control to local people, and redirects wealth back into the local economy.

Creating assets for the community

There are more than 6,300 community-owned buildings in the UK, contributing £220m to the economy every year. Three-quarters of community-owned assets are in good financial health and, before the Covid-19 pandemic, community shops and pubs had a survival rate of 94% or more. We believe more community businesses means more vibrant high streets with fewer empty shops. 

Retaining wealth locally

For every £1 you spend with a community business, 56p stays in the local economy. 

Developing skills

Community businesses are great at developing the skills of local people. This often leads to increased confidence – improving individual wellbeing and employment prospects, and strengthening the local economy.

This helps community businesses…

03 Combat social isolation
02 Create good jobs
01 Bring communities together